Tour Our Facilities


We believe it is important for new and existing clients to see what products we have in stock with their own eyes.

Prior to COVID-19 most businesses worked with a set vendor that they used regularly for a variety of PPE, office supplies, janitorial supplies and most importantly healthcare supplies. When their normal vendor could not fulfill current needs, they panicked, forced to start up new relationships with other, non-vetted providers. Most businesses struggled with trusting a new supplier at an unprecedented time like this. In order to give our larger clients that extra level of comfort we, here at Sandpiper Medical elected to implement scheduled facility tours to bridge the gap between uncertainty and refuge.

This provides clients, procurement agents, and small business owners the ability to touch and feel the products we offer, meet the people behind the name and finally feel at ease with a tour of our state-of-the-art warehouse and offices located in Long Island, New York. 

Unfortunately, the unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic has become an opportunity for con-artists and scammers alike. Here at Sandpiper Medical, our team has taken the necessary precautions for our clients by requiring all of our partners to go through an ultra-strict vetting process where we physically meet with any new potential partners in-person, do facility tours of their location as well as conducting intensive background checks prior to developing any sort of business relationship.  Our Fraud Prevention process has been proven time and time again. 

Sandpiper works with third party vendors for payment and certifications, so you can feel rest assured and work with us in all the confidence you have been searching for.