Product Inspections

Worried about sending that costly deposit on that container of gloves? We get it.
Rest assured, Sandpiper is here. Now, for a small "insurance" you can have a member of our team sent to inspect ANY warehouse prior to purchasing any form of PPE (personal protective equipment), GLOBALLY.

Yes, we said it, and, we meant it. Globally.

The team at Sandpiper Medical is pleased to announce our newest corporate branch, The Inspections Unit. Clients may now order a Sandpiper Warehouse Inspections Officer to head to any location to verify product before you press buy.
Whether you prefer a Zoom Video, FaceTime Video, A Proof of Life Video or just simply prefer we verify the product on our own, our team is on it. We can view goods being loaded onto your preferred shipping carrier truck. 


There have been countless reports of:
-Black Mold on N95s Masks
-Mislabeling of Sizes on Nitrile Gloves, Latex Gloves, Vinyl and Blended Gloves
-Repackaging of Used Gloves
-Poor Quality 3-Ply Ear Loops Snapping With Little to No Effort
-Examination Grade Gloves Labeled on Industrial Grade Gloves
-Vinyl Gloves Being Sold As Nitrile
-Water Damaged Product
-Insect Debris Inside Packaging
-Empty Boxes in Center of Pallets
-Boxes Stuffed With Packing Pellets in Lieu of Correct Product