I got My Vaccine, Now What? 5 Points to Remember While Looking to The Future

The vaccine has finally arrived and millions of people are flocking to the nearest site to get their shot; many individuals are still skeptical though, and it's important to be aware of what the future looks like with the vaccine. Will the vaccine work? Do we still need to wear masks? Can I still get the virus?
The fact of the matter is, as useful as the vaccine is, it is not an automatic off switch to the pandemic. Here are some quick facts that everyone should know following the rollout of the vaccine.
1. No Vaccine is 100% effective

In controlled clinical trials, both Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech successfully prevented 95% of the illness. However, the real world is not a controlled clinical trial, so the vaccines are slightly less effective. The only way that the vaccine would be 100% effective is if the virus mutated into nothing more than a common cold.

2. Protection isn’t immediate with a vaccine

It takes time for any vaccine to kick in. The vaccines are split into two doses, so the 95% effectiveness rate doesn’t apply until shot number 2 has been administered.Even after the second shot, medical professionals estimate a 2 week time period for the immune system to start properly producing the new antibodies. Safe to say, after the first dose, there is still a 4-6 week time period of susceptibility.

 3. Even if you’re vaccinated, you could still be spreading!

A common misconception after receiving the vaccine is that there is now no risk at spreading the virus. Unfortunately, that is not the case. While Covid vaccines may prevent illness, researchers don’t know if it prevents transference yet. There is a strong possibility that those who have received the vaccine are asymptomatic. Due to this fact, professionals strongly recommend that society continues to wear masks to stop the spread.


4. Masks protect those with vulnerable immune systems

Vaccines can be risky. Not everyone’s immune system can handle them. In an effort to protect those who can’t receive the vaccine, masks are essential to continue protecting these individuals. Pregnant women, people with chronic conditions and others who are prone to allergies still need support from the masses. PPE is still an essential part of protection against this virus.


5. All strains of the virus can be kept at bay by PPE

Another concerning variable in this pandemic is the knowledge that there are multiple strains of Covid. The vaccines aren’t molded for each individual strain, and researchers don’t even know all of the different strains out there to target! Different health measures are the only way to ensure the safety of the public. Physical distance, using masks, and avoiding large groups of people remains the only way to end the spread.

For many, the vaccine is a light in the dark cloud of this pandemic. With the success of the vaccine rollout, these points are important to keep in mind. Keep diligent, and stay safe.

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